Journey Inwards

It feels as though I’ve reached a turning point and the start of something new.

With questions about “why?”, “what’s the purpose?” and “where are we headed?”, I’ve been digging into some new and old philosophical and psychological literature.

Before Christmas, I attended  an intense workshop with Charles Eisenstein and the thought provoking Meaning Conference (see previous post).

In December, we took eight weeks out to travel to the other side of the World; I turned 40; and completed five years at my current job. This year we will have been married for 10 years, with a whole new focus.

Three weeks ago I embarked on a stripped down diet removing gluten, sugar, meat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol (although I have to confess to one or two spectacular descents from the wagon on the latter!)

And this week I attended an enlightening four day leadership and self awareness exploration.

Without doubt, I’m more at the beginning of a journey than the end. I think it may be what Jung describes as a process of “individuation”. What’s been interesting so far is the deep realisation that much of what I thought was true may not be quite so certain, especially in terms of what I think others need versus what they actually need. Similarly, I’m finding out more about what I need, both consciously and unconsciously. It’s been illuminating, shining a light on the blind spots.

What’s also dawning on me is that, paradoxically, the way forward to achieving a deeper understanding of what’s inside requires the help of others.